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Man Is Abusive To Paramedic Trying To Save Someone’s Life Over Where The Ambulance Parked

Apparently, he doesn’t know what the purpose of an ambulance is for whatever reason.

He initially says he doesn’t see any lights on and even called the driver a “F#%&[email protected]$ idiot!”

She wasn’t going to stand there and take this abuse while someone’s life is hanging in the balance and called him the same back in rebuttal.

The video was posted to Facebook but has since been removed.

Meanwhile, it has clearly touched a nerve among paramedics and other first responders on social media, who are rushing to the defense of the driver of this particular ambulance.

Watch Below:

It may be an inconvenience to walk from the back of the lot, or have to pull over, or even have to wait for an ambulance to move, but for these folks save on a daily basis a little compassion towards them should be mandatory.

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