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Man, Inches Away From Impalement And Possible Death, Gets Saved By Luck!

Have you ever narrowly escaped a dangerous situation? Did you take a moment to think about how lucky you were? Yeah, most of us have – and most of us have been saved by luck — or something even stronger — time and time again.


Even with that being said, there are definitely some people out there who are luckier than others, and one man in Memphis is one of those people.


Less than a month ago, the man was taking a routine trip outside to walk his dog, when he grabbed an umbrella to protect himself from the rain. Just a few seconds after stepping out of the door, the man heard a noise which caused him to duck for cove and slip and fall. And it only got worse from there.


Almost immediately after a falling, a huge tree branch fell – missing the man by what seems to be just a few inches.

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