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Guy Swings After Learning Truth About A ‘Woman’ He’s Been Messing With

Dating these days SHOULD be easier than ever. We have plenty of ways to communicate with each other, and meeting new people is nothing more than a thumb swipe away.


Unfortunately, however, the reality is that dating nowadays seems much harder than it used to be. Although it’s true that we all typically have more people at our ‘disposable,’ it creates a problem because the ‘plenty of fish in the sea’ mentality quickly takes over.


So in most cases, when we do find someone we like – we start to get really excited. But sometimes, people just aren’t who we think they are.

So you can only imagine how one guy felt after he found out something very shocking about a girl he’d been messing with.


Apparently, the girl he’d just gotten some sloppy toppy from wasn’t the girl he thought she was. Actually, she wasn’t a girl at all.

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