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Could Twitter Have Done Something To Prevent Bombing At The Manchester Arena?

After the recent attack at the Manchester Arena in England, the entire world is saddened. According to reports, a man set off a homemade bomb in the foyer area of the arena. The violent attack left 22 people dead, 59 injured, and several more missing.

8-Year-Old Saffie Roussos And 18-Year-Old Georgina Callandar Were Among Those Killed


Shortly after the bombing, ISIS proudly claimed responsibility. The attack is the most deadly in the UK since 7/7.

Terrorist Attack In London On July 7, 2005


ISIS supports have been celebrating the violent attack, which has sent countless people in an uproar over the level of apparent disrespect to those who were killed and injured.


However, many people are feeling like the attack could have been prevented. Apparently, two mysterious tweets were posted prior to the attack, predicting the horrific event.

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