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Bam Finally Reveals The Pranks That Pissed His Parents Off The Most

When it comes to pranks, it’s all fun and games until the joke is actually on you. As much as most people love playing pranks on others, having a prank pulled on you usually isn’t always fun.


If there are two people who know this first hand, it’s Phil and April Margera. During the days of Jackass and Viva La Bam, Phil and April often found themselves at the mercy of Bam’s pranks.


Although the pranks didn’t always catch Bam’s parents by surprise, that didn’t make them any less annoyed with the fact that the stunts often left Phil in pain and April with a massive mess to clean up.


During a recent Ask Me Anything threat on Reddit, Bam revealed the two pranks that pissed each of his parents off the most – and ironically, they might actually be two of the fans’ favorites.

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