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Angry Customer Attacks Pregnant Woman And Her Daughter While Standing In Line At McDonald’s

We’d all like to think that as people get older, they naturally become more mature and responsible. There are lots of things you do as a child or teenager that simply aren’t acceptable anymore once you reach adulthood. At least this is how it should be.


In reality though, there are lots of grown ass people walking around who have no idea how to act, and two of these people came face-to-face with each other while standing in line at a McDonald’s in Texas.


According to local news reports, two women were waiting in line to order food when a verbal altercation began. Although it’s not entirely clear what caused the initial incident, one of the women involved, Carla DeLeon, says that things escalated after the other woman in question became upset that DeLeon was looking at her.


After the two exchanged words, an all-out fight broke up which resulted in DeLeon, who is currently pregnant, and her young daughter being hit.

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