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Fan Approaches Mia Khalifa For A Selfie And Walks Away With A Black Eye

What would you do if you saw one of your favorite celebrities walking down the street? Most people would probably try to get a quick selfie. Not only will it make for a great memory, but let’s be real, it’s 2017 and you need receipts for everything you [say you] do.


So it’s not really surprising that when a fan saw adult actress, Mia Khalifa, walking down the street, he decided to approach her for a quick pic.


However, according to the young fan, Khalifa wasn’t in much of a selfie mood. Instead of welcoming the picture, she seemed a little annoyed.


But of course, that didn’t stop him from taking the picture anyway. Apparently, Mia just wasn’t really feeling the whole ordeal, and made sure to let the fan know.

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