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Nurses Under Attack After Snapchat Footage Shows Them Mistreating Newborn Babies

Over the years, social media has become a very popular way for people to share information and keep in touch. It’s a really quick and easy way to stay up-to-date with people and things.


But for all of the good things social media has done, it has also created some problems. There have been countless stories about how people’s social media usage has negatively affected their jobs, relationships, and other things. By now, you’d think people would have a better understanding of what and what not to post.


Still, though, there are countless people who get caught posting stupid sh!t every day, and the latest people to get caught include a group of naval nurses who were busted recording some disturbing footage involving newborn babies.


News stories indicate that the two nurses were holding the newborn babies and making them dance to rap songs while also flashing their middle fingers at the babies – all while recording videos and taking pictures to upload to Snapchat.

Yeah, can you say “what the hell?” Messing with newborn babies (especially when you’re the one supposed to be taking care of them) is bad enough in itself, but to post it on social media on top of that – yeah, somebody isn’t working with a full deck.

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