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Pedophile Beat Up After Walking Around In A Park With His Privates Out

Childhood is a time where people should be able to be carefree and innocent. Most kids don’t have a care in the world, and their biggest concerns usually revolve around which toys they’re going to play with and what snacks they’re going to eat.


As a result, most parents work hard to keep their children safe – so they can hold on to their innocence as long as possible.


So when a pedophile was spotted walking through a local park with his private parts exposed, it should come as no surprise that one parent quickly sprang into action.


After using a cellphone to record the pedophile’s suspicious moves, one father approached him and gave him a swift kick in the crotch. He didn’t stop there, however.

Over the next several seconds, this angry father proceeded to beat the sh*t out of the other man until he physically had to be pulled away.

Footage of this father’s encounter with a pedophile on page 2…