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Delivery Guys Get Pleasant Surprise When These Hot Girls Answer The Door

Ordering food is one of the most convenient things ever. Sure, you usually have to pay a little more – but it’s worth it not to have to leave the house.


However, just like going out to eat at a restaurant, there are a few etiquette rules to follow when ordering food. The main one is that you’re supposed to tip the driver.

The other one, is that you should have a little decency and be fully clothed when you come to the door. Of course, you should always be closed when you answer the door lol, but this is especially true when you have a complete stranger dropping by.


However, one group of pranksters decided to try something a little different when they ordered a pizza for delivery.


When the delivery drivers knocked on the door, the three women in the house greeted them with a surprise that they’ll never forget.

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