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Brave Villagers Drag Large Goat From The Belly Of A 15-Foot Python

Snakes are pretty creepy creatures. For centuries, they have been considered a sneaky and conniving enemy to most. There’s just something about the way they slither around on the ground, often hidden by grass, that really rubs a lot of people the wrong way.


On top of that, snakes can be downright deadly. Some snakes’ bites contain venom strong enough to kill things more than twice their size. So for that reason, most living things do their best to steer clear of snakes whenever possible.


But unfortunately, avoiding snakes isn’t always possible. True to their nature they have a way of sneaking up on their prey.


Unfortunately, one unsuspecting goat recently found itself in a sticky situation when a massive 15-foot python decided it was meal time. Apparently, the snake had slithered into a small Indian village and was ready to wreak havoc.

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