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Graphic Photos Show Farmer’s Skin After Spending Hours Outside With No Sun Screen

Summer is officially in full swing, and in most parts of the world that means one thing: it’s hot…as hell. Of course, the heat isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s always nice to get outside and enjoy a beautiful day – but by now you’d think most people would know that there are some precautions you should be taking before going to spend time in the sun.


Sunscreen is a must. For everyone. Whether you’re white, brown, or yellow, you need to protect your skin. Even when it’s not super sunny out – the rays can still cause some serious damage to your skin.


However, Scottish farmer, Greg Binnie, clearly missed this memo – and despite having extremely fair skin, he decided to step out and do some yard work without putting sunscreen on.


Of course, he probably expected a little bit of burning/peeling, but what he ended up experiencing was something much more painful.

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