This Pennywise Costume Promises To Give You A Scary And Sexy Halloween

Sexy is probably the last word that comes to mind when anyone thinks of the ‘real’ Pennywise, but this costume has definitely pushed the boundaries.


Model Laura Lux, posed on Instagram while wearing her own version of the costume, and it proved to be a very big hit.

According to Lux:

“My make-up artist, Dre Ronayne, and I were talking about collaborating on something cool and decided to do Pennywise because the movie had just come out.

I saw It and I thought it was great! More funny than scary but super entertaining and a good homage to the original movie and book.

The make-up was all Dre’s handiwork, she is incredible!

The outfit was a white swimsuit with pom-poms glued to the front and we got the collar from a party store.”

Unfortunately though, the costume comes with a $99.55 price tag which is a lot considering it doesnt come with much.

Want to see how the sexy costume compares to the actual Pennywise?

Watch The Trailer For It Below

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