GRAPHIC: Mom Shares Photos Of Miscarried Baby Trying To Prove ‘Abortion Is Murder’

For years, there has been a debate over whether or not women should have the right to abort a pregnancy. While some people believe that life begins right at conception, others do not see a fetus as a living person.


While the conversation continues, with both side refusing to back down, one mother has decided to share a very personal experience.


Although the woman didn’t actually have an abortion, it was a miscarriage that helped her establish the belief that life begins before birth.


According to Felicia Cash, she struggled with infertility issues for over a decade. So when she found out that she was pregnant with twins, she was especially excited. Unfortunately, however, Felicia lost one of the twins very early on in the pregnancy, but doctors assured her that the second baby was doing just fine.

Sadly, just a few days later, Felicia miscarried the second child as well. After delivering the small fetus into her own hands, Felicia decided to share photos of the stillborn baby in hopes that it would make women reconsider getting abortions.

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