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Homeowner Opens Fire With AK-47 When He Catches Teens Breaking Into His Car

Nobody likes a thief. We all work hard for the things that we have, so to know there are people out there who are just okay with taking other people’s belongings is a little unsettling. If you’ve ever had someone steal something from you, you know this firsthand.


With that being said, what would you do if a their attempted to break into your car or home? Chances are, most people would be calling 911 at the first chance they got.


However, when one home owner found himself facing some teens who had broken into the cars in his driveway, he decided to take a different approach.


After being awaken by the sound of people rummaging through his cars, the man quickly remembered that he had left a loaded gun in one of his cars, grabbed his AK-47, and headed outside to confront them.

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