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Angry Mom Flips Out On Skater For Bullying Her 12-Year-Old Son

We’ve all probably heard the phrase “there’s nothing like a mother’s love” more times than we can count. In most cases, it’s true. When it comes to ride or dies, there’s no one willing to ride harder till the wheels fall off than a mom.

With The Seat Belt On Of Course


Usually, you can count on your mom to have your back win or lose, right or wrong. But at what point should you start fighting your own battles?

Huh, Tough Guy?


Well, according to one skater, if you’re grown enough to be disrespectful, you’re old enough to deal with the consequences. Unfortunately, the other kid’s mother just didn’t see it that way.


After letting her 12-year-old son visit a local skateboard, one mother became enraged after her son came home and said an older boy had been bullying him. In true mother mode, this lady wasn’t about to let her son be harassed.

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