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Onlookers Respond To Seeing Sorority Recruits Aggressively Hazed In Public

For many college students, joining a fraternity and sorority is a great way to meet people and get more involved with things on campus. While joining a Greek organization can be a great choice, the process of being rushed into a fraternity or sorority isn’t always easy – or safe.


The process of hazing has been associated with greek organizations for generations, and although it is no longer allowed, that doesn’t stop it from happening.


While some hazing seems harmless enough, there are other aspects of it that can be abusive and even deadly.


So when it comes to hazing, how far is too far? What would you do if you saw a group of college students hating potential sorority or fraternity recruits? ABC’s popular TV show, What Would You Do? asks just that.

During the show, bystanders witness a group of students being hazed, the students are actors, but the onlookers are unaware. Will someone step in when things go too far, or will they stand back and do nothing?

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