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Steve-O Shares The Story Of The Time He Failed At Pranking Justin Bieber

Who doesn’t love to pull of a good prank? Sure, being on the receiving end of a prank can really suck, but when you’re the one masterminding the whole thing, it can be a surprisingly rewarding experience.


If there’s anyone who knows this feeling all too well, it’s Steve-O. Throughout the years Steve-O has been responsible for some pretty epic pranks, he usually knows just how to catch people slipping.


But even Steve-O doesn’t have a perfect record when it comes to pulling off pranks. In fact, one of his most memorable failed pranks actually involved someone you may find as an unlikely target, none other than music superstar, Justin Bieber.


Apparently, Steve-O was pranking random people while dressed as a clown on Venice Beach, when he and his crew randomly saw Justin Bieber walking around.

Of course, Steve-O couldn’t miss out on his opportunity to prank the young singer. However, this prank definitely didn’t go the way Steve-O was probably expecting.

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