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Group Of Friends Live Their Dreams After Hitting Lotto For More Than $25 Million

Winning the lottery is something that almost everyone has hoped for and dreamed of. We’ve all thought about what we would do with the money if we ever won, and some of us even have the perfect plan already mapped out.


Sadly, for most of us, our dreams of hitting the jackpot aren’t very likely to come true. But for one group of co-workers and friends in the UK, rolling in the dough is now something they do on a daily basis.


A group of six women now known as the catering girls work together at Port Talbot Hospital in Wales and have been playing the lottery together for six years.


The group recently won £25million (about $32M) and now they couldn’t be any happier. Now that they’re all rich, they’ve got big plans and they won’t be looking back.

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