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The Internet Freaked Out Over Parent’s Prank That Might Have Gone Too Far

Pranking your kids is one thing. But, can you go too far? There are people who seem to think this set of parents did just that.

Of course, mom justifies it at the beginning of the video because her son seems to have done something wrong in the past. He got ink on the carpet and they had to call people to clean it. So, mom wants revenge on her son.

But, it blows up quick. It escalates so quickly, it has the internet putting in their two cents…

Just Another Person – “I am utterly repulsed by the behavior of the ‘parents’ in this video. Shame on you both. You shouldn’t traumatize children for views. How dare you?”

Lexy Renee26 – “I’m actually so disgusted at this. How could you possibly call yourselves good parents after that?”

Amber Rangel – “Are you kidding me?? Cussing at your child like that. People like you do not deserve children.”

Those are just a few of the more tame responses to the video. So, what in the world has everyone so disgusted?

It Was All The Freaking Out


Mom and dad are both cussing out their son Cody. As in, they are literally cussing him out for something he really didn’t do. In fact, his parents did it. But, Cody doesn’t know that. He has no idea what’s going on and he busts down bawling.

Dad Is Crazy


It begins with mom yelling. But when dad starts, he takes it to a whole new level. He has all the kids in tears. He’s taking their allowance and he keeps going. You scratch your head watching him yell wondering when the parents are going to let the kids in on the joke.

Is It Too Much?


Check out page two to see how far they went with this prank!

Written by Michael Allen

Author of A River in the Ocean as well as several other books. Learn more about him at Michael Allen Online.