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There’s A Reason You Should NEVER Cover The Public Toilet Seat With Toilet Paper

What do you think is the dirtiest part of a public bathroom? Before you break out the cutesy “everything” comeback, be aware that many facilities are meticulously scrubbed and sanitized, special chemicals and compounds created for the wear and tear we humans but these places through. Still, we function under the mistaken belief that, sans a good scraping, these areas are overflowing with germs and bacteria.

This Is How We Want Public Toilets To Look


Sadly, This Is Usually The Reality



So – which ones are they and how do you protect yourself from them? Well, there are places that definitely should be avoided. No matter how much bleach and other disinfectant they use on them, the floor is just…covered…in…well, you know what. Let’s just call it Number One and Number Two. And don’t think the walls are any cleaner. “Stuff” can splash up you know.

Believe It Or Not, This Is Not The Dirtiest Place In A Public Toilet



And then there’s the toilet…but again, there’s a catch. You see, for decades, people have worried about the cleanliness of the public throne, and with good reason. There’s where your naked butt sits when the time comes to answer nature’s call. But manufacturers have built in many safeguards to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. So what’s the worst part about all this? Our misguided notions of protection.

This Is


And That’s Why You Should Never Do This



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