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Guy Dumps His Girlfriend After She Posts A Picture Of Herself Pooping

The Internet has made it incredibly easy for people to share things. In a lot of ways that’s a wonderful thing. We can now share information, ideas, pictures, and other things in just a matter of seconds. However, it’s also become a bit of a problem because now people love to over share.


We all have at least one person we follow on social media who is always posting all of their business. You know, the people who share every intimate detail of their day – down to pictures of their food and updates on their seemingly unhealthy on again/off again relationship.


Some people just don’t know when to keep things to themselves, and the girl is the prime example of why everybody needs to learn.


Evidently, this girl didn’t think it would be a problem when she sat down on the toilet to take a dump and also took out her phone to capture the moment. Instead of stopping there, she decided to upload a photo of herself on the toilet to Snapchat, and once her boyfriend saw it, all hell broke loose lol.

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