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After More Than 100 Cosmetic Surgeries, Instagram ‘Model’ Says She’s Not Done

Everybody deserves to feel good about themselves. Whether it putting on some make up in the morning, or wearing a that pair of jeans that makes your butt look big – we all have different ways of accomplishing this.


However, if your pockets are on the deeper side – plastic surgery is also an option. Sure, getting a nose job is more expensive than buying a new pair of jeans – but it also lasts longer.

Or You Could Do This…


But while getting a nose job — or maybe even little tummy tuck — is one thing, getting a whole body job is another. Unfortunately, there are lots of people out there who overdo it with the plastic surgery, and the results can actually be kind of scary.


Well, if you thought some of the things you’ve seen before were bad – wait until you catch a glimpse of this Instagram ‘model’ who has already had more than 100 cosmetic surgeries and guess what? She doesn’t plan on stopping.

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