Remember When? The Top 10 Jackass Movie Moments Of All Time!

It will always be a cult classic, a stunt showcase filled with individuals with very few F’s to give and a whole lot of chutzpah to deliver. It made stars out of its skateboarder cast and turned a simple label for a donkey into a true trademark. Indeed, when you hear the word Jackass, do you think mule, or Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, Steve-O, and the rest? Enough said.

The Recognizable Opening


Here Comes The Boom


On MTV, the series was a surreal experiment in hit or miss malfeasance. One moment, you’d be watching guys throw themselves into bushes and shrubs, the next, someone in a monkey suit would be attempting to ride the half-pipe. It was harmful and very imitateable “fun.” When the chance came to make a movie, however, the practical jokes had to match the size of the big screen.

Face Plant


Luckily, the boys lived up to their cinematic directive, and the result was three hit films featuring supersized stunts and dares. The best took full advantage of the feature film budget, creating many a memorable moment. As part of this article, there’s a video highlighting what one website considers the Top 10 Jackass Movie Jokes Of All Time. It’s a very subjective set. You watch and be the judge.

Bored Breaking


Ass To Nuts


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