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Doctors Perform Surgery To Remove Parasitic Head From Newborn Baby’s Stomach

When parents bring a new baby into the world, the baby’s health is usually their first concern. Everybody wants to have a happy and healthy baby, but unfortunately, not all parents are so lucky.


Every day, there are babies born all over the world in less than perfect health, and sometimes their conditions can greatly effect their quality of life. That was the case for a baby girl in India after being born with a parasitic head.


Apparently, the girl’s parents were initially told they would be having twins, but instead there was a parasitic head attached to the baby’s and it was feeding on her blood supply.


Doctors knew they had to operate to remove the head as soon as possible, and they were successfully able to remove the head. However, as if this ending wasn’t happy enough, there’s another key detail about this story that will make you smile.

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