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VIDEO: Doctors Perform Risky Surgery To Remove World Record Size Tumor

To the average person, the thought of going under the knife for any sort of procedure is stressful. Although surgery is often a necessary evil, it can be scary to think about the fact that someone is going to cut you open and dig around in your body.


Add that stress to the feeling of knowing you have a massive tumor in your body, and you’ve got Manju Devi’s reality. The 28-year-old sought medical treatment after suffering from a painful ‘lump’ on the right side of her body.


Using scans, doctors discovered that the pain was caused by a massive tumor that had taken over Manju’s kidneys. Although surgery was the only option, doctors knew the procedure would be difficult.


Fortunately for Manju, doctors were were able to complete the surgery – and fortunately for the rest of us, the whole thing was captured on camera.

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