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Zip Lining + Surfing + Base Jumping = One Hell Of A Ride!

Thrill seekers are always out to one up each other. From skaters to surfers, sky divers to base jumpers, the adrenaline rush is too good to not push the limits on what has already been done before. We do it all over the world, and it’s nothing new. People are even crazy enough to go over Niagara Falls in a barrel for entertainment.

The First Trip Down This Beast Was In 1901


Zip┬álining is a go to adventure for many people too timid to jump out of an airplane or even take on a bungee jump. You’re strapped in, and while it may not be as safe as standing with your two feet on the ground, it’s less terrifying than falling from the sky.

Strap In!


Surfing is incredibly fun, but it’s not only tough to do, it’s also extremely dangerous. The ocean is unforgiving, and the more you push the limits in the sea, the more chance you have at meeting your maker. You know what they say though, “The greater the risk, the greater the reward.”

Surf’s Up!


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